You're Invited

This is a special invitation into society of Natives who love themselves. 

Inside you will find Natives that are Actors, TV Writers, Rocket Scientists, Engineers, Computer Programmers, Comedians, and Directors.


And they are just like you. 

Packages will Include:





The NTVs Patches

Native Facts Booklet

Lakota Language Flashcards

Native Pride Wristbands

Native Pride Beanie

Winter Gloves

Native Pride Membership Card

As the project continues, we'll have unique packages for each community and we'll include representation from members of that community's tribe. The Native American community is incredibly diverse with over 562 tribes, and we want each child receiving the package to be proud of who they are and where they came from.

Our hope is that this inspires other Native communities to want to bring the Native Pride Project to their youth. And with every new community reached we'll make sure we have a letter and artistic representative from that specific tribe.